We are on a mission to change the perception of a recruitment agency

We know how annoying receiving daily calls from recruitment agencies can be, we also know that most have the same sales pitch and talk to you about the same recruitment process methods.

There are in excess of 32,000 recruitment agencies in the UK, so we have a tough job to stand out in this somewhat over crowded market, we do it by sticking to simple principles.

We under promise and over deliver

We cut out all of the sales waffle and instead invest that time in listening to your needs and requirements.

We never remove the people element of our process, no matter how advanced technology may have become, we still believe in a decent cup of coffee and a face to face interview with a potential candidate.
So why do you want to work with WHURK?

Because we have a passion for recruiting candidates that you can retain in your business. Our mantra is people over profits, we align candidate career goals with your business plans, we share with candidates the true job role requirements and we talk about what they will enjoy, and understand which parts they may fail to enjoy. We develop lasting recruitment partnerships, we are not in it for the quick wins but the long term results.

Our team are dedicated to the ethos of WHURK and become part of your team through the process. We never shy away from telling you what we can and what we cannot deliver and our honest approach wins us customer loyalty time and again.

We use our creative approach to attract and retain the best candidates

One size never fits all, that is why we create a recruitment process that gets the attention from the right candidates.

We use our skills to create attention grabbing recruitment campaigns that put your job roles in front of relevant candidates. After all, anyone can send you tons of CV’s to sift, but you are paying us to deliver the right candidate. We never send more than 3 CV’s to any one job role and based on our success rate you will find this is all you need.

We manage the candidate communication and on boarding journey

Often delivering feedback to candidates that are unsuccessful is as important as delivering the positive news. We ensure that we keep all candidates up to date throughout the whole process. We make ourselves contactable so that candidates can reach out to us at any time. Successful candidates with long notice periods can sometime be a worry for the new employer, so we ease that concern with regular communication to help a candidate with their onward journey.

We put people over profit

In this very competitive market space we have observed many recruiters facing the pressure of delivering sales figures, therefore the profits become more important than delivering the right person. We start at the end of the process, and focus on securing a candidate that will remain within your business. We believe that if we get that right, then the profit will follow. We are building a company for the future, quick wins do not form part of our strategy. You will not find any sales boards in any of our branches!

We appreciate every opportunity that we get to do business with our customers, because our success story evolves from working with you.

Get to WHURK

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