How to find a job?

Be Proactive

Top Tip

Update your CV, Sign up to job websites, register your CV with recruitment agencies (e.g. Whurk Recruitment), Network with friends and family, check local jobs boards, ask local businesses.

Update your CV

Your CV promotes to potential employers the skills and experience you have to offer and how it may meet their needs. With lots of templates and tips its sometime challenging to know what should or should not be included. Here are some key elements to include:

  • Personal information: Name, Address, Contact number, email address
  • Personal statement: a brief description of your work background, key achievements & career aims
  • Employment History: A list of all your jobs starting with your most recent, including job title, employer, dates you were employed & key tasks / responsibilities
  • Education: a list of all your qualifications / training starting with the most recent
  • Interests & Achievements: reference hobbies, interest or achievements relevant to your work / job
  • References: Previous employer or leave as available upon request

Top Tip

Keep it short and sweet (2 pages max), Proof read it! check for spelling mistakes and grammar, make it relevant to the job your applying for, use professional email address, fill in any gaps in your employment history, use bullet points to keep it clear and concise.

Update your CV
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